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Investment Strategy

We seek to aggregate and consolidate arable low cost land globally, primarily for eco-friendly oil palm cultivation and mixed agriculture, Our focus is primarily along 10° degrees North and South of the Equator, focusing much of our initial efforts in Southeast Asia and also exploring and opening new frontiers globally.

We believe our strategy is attuned to the strains caused by global population growth, the ever increasing demand for good farming land and the requirements of nations for food security.


We believe good arable agriculture land is diminishing and new entrants have to develop a strategy of acquiring existing planted and semi planted estates and aggregating smaller parcels to achieve critical mass.


Consolidation of small to mid size oil palm plantations throughout Malaysia, which currently no major oil palm player can fulfill. Major players are focused on economics of scale, large tract expansion and green field areas.

We provide liquidity (exit) for small land farmers either by buying them out or working with them and providing an exit via our quoted shares